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Varilite delivers looks and effects for Miley Cyrus 

Varilite delivers looks and effects for Miley Cyrus 
Varilite delivers looks and effects for Miley Cyrus 

American singer Miley Cyrus returned to US screens recently for a massive live-broadcast party with a host of star guests. Taking place at Miami's Telemundo Studios, it featured classic rock'n'roll lighting effects mixed with a Miami club style setting, achieved using Varilite VL5LED Wash luminaires from Signify. The DX7 Design team delivered the lighting design, specifying a series of the VL5LED Wash fixtures which were mostly rigged to the arches of the main scenic structure over the main stage.

"This was our third TV show with Miley and on each one, she has opted for a more lighting-based design with almost no video", explains Tom Sutherland, CEO and Lead Designer at DX7 Design. "She is a big fan of the more traditional lighting looks, which is why we had a large PAR wall as our background, as opposed to a video wall. Positioning the VL5LEDs on the arches really helped to compliment the production design as well as provide a nice background for any side or low camera shots."

Her decision to include the PAR wall as opposed to a video screen, with a lot of beams and moving lights, meant that the DX7 Design team needed to ensure they had the tools needed to provide the different and dynamic looks for the many musical numbers, but also keep a very traditional aesthetic when needed that complemented the large PAR wall.

The design for the New Year's Eve show was heavily connected to the Production Design of Keith Raywood and Cyrus's vision and personal aesthetic. The DX7 Design team took full advantage of the VL5LED fixtures' vintage styling with the Dichro fusion blades, which are based on the classic Varilite VL5 and offer a strong visual impact. The looks achieved went into overdrive as a host of stars joined Cyrus on stage, including Australian singer Sia, celebrity Paris Hilton, and Cyrus's godmother Dolly Parton, who duetted with Cyrus on her power ballad "I Will Always Love You".

The VL5LED luminaires were supplied to the show by Solotech, with programming by Mark Humphrey and Nate Files, and lighting direction by James Coldicott and Jasmine Lesane. Miley's New Year's Eve Party was broadcast live on on NBC and Peacock.

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