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Stage Precision to release SP Version 1.0

Stage Precision to release SP Version 1.0

Software company Stage Precision is hitting a milestone moment for its flagship software tool SP as it comes out of Beta to release Version 1.0, which includes the new 3D Lidar integration tool for markerless person tracking. Stage Precision will also launch a new software product: Space Composer.


Space Composer is a new type of software specifically designed for graphics layering in Augmented Reality (AR) and 2D real-time motion graphics environments. SP is a connected devices data management and control platform that provides a suite of tools. It is used to simplify system control workflows and enhance creativity and productivity.


Throughout the entire production process, SP can streamline workflows in virtual production, live entertainment, fixed installations and advanced media systems. It affords a range of capabilities that can help end users to create and manage complex productions or installations, allowing for both data and control to be managed via one central hub.


Offered as a software license with a core version, SP can be upgraded with packages to meet specific market needs including Virtual Production, Kinetic Control, Tracking & Interactive, Light Tracking as well as SP Director, a feature for advanced timeline options with Cues, WebViews for smartphones and remote PCs, Video Mixer Control IOs, timeline-based triggers, and more.


Until now, markerless tracking has been primarily realised through image-based technology. With the new 3D Lidar feature there is no need to rely on lighting scenarios within a room, thus enabling tracking in a wider range of applications. The 3D Lidar feature delivers an accurate depiction of moving objects in the sight of the sensor and identifies each person moving within the specified area.


Space Composer is the first software product of its kind and can be tailored to the needs of AR applications and live graphics environments. This tool allows users to layer rendered graphical output of different real-time and game engines such as Unreal Engine or Notch, over a live camera feed while taking into consideration any live timing delays and camera tracking data.


The core SP software acts as a gateway to most industry standard camera tracking systems, whereas Space Composer provides a foundation for creating immersive AR experiences.


(Photo: Stage Precision)




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