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Hilversum’s Studiohuyz chooses Yamaha TF-Rack mixer

Hilversum’s Studiohuyz chooses Yamaha TF-Rack mixer
Hilversum’s Studiohuyz chooses Yamaha TF-Rack mixer

A Yamaha TF-Rack mixer plays a key part in creating a wide range of webinars and other online broadcast content at Studiohuyz in Hilversum, the Netherlands. The studio is owned by Erik Huizinga, an independent producer, director and format designer plus one of the first Dutch online producers.


Huizinga’s business, RTV & Film Produkties, produces online seminars for different customers, mainly related to in-service training in the medical, aviation and economics industries. Since 2006, Huizinga has purchased all his technical equipment through Roger Creemers at CUE-Support B.V. They work as a team, Creemers designing the technical workflow and also supplying technicians, if necessary, to deliver the content.


The studio can be operated by three people - one for the cameras, one for the internet connections and a third operating everything else, included the audio. The Yamaha TF-Rack mixer was chosen because it’s “small, lightweight and has important things like Dan Dugan auto mixing, snapshots and can be remote controlled using Yamaha’s TF Editor software”, says Roger Creemers.


Inputs to the TF-Rack are from three to six wired lavalier microphones, with the outputs routed to a computer that runs Zoom, Skype, MS Teams or Google Meet. An audio signal is routed from the computer back through TF-Rack to the monitor speakers in the studio, while there is also routing for combined audio and video recording of each session.


Erik Huizinga also owns three mobile studios that all include a TF-Rack as their audio mixer. One is located in Atlanta (US) for medical congresses, while two in Europe are used for symposia, congresses, lectures, meetings and streaming events.


(Photos: Jan Prins/Yamaha) 




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