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Absen delivers LED display solutions for Kaisa Prosperity

Kaisa Prosperity, a real estate developer in China, utilized digital signage technology from Absen for Guangzhou Kaisa Baiyun City Plaza, its newly developed premises. Absen worked with Jiake Intelligent to customize a suite of LED solutions for the new property.


Guangzhou Kaisa Baiyun City Plaza is located at the heart of the Baiyun district of Guangzhou city in Guangdong province. Covering an area of around 420,000 sqm, the Plaza is a combination of residential buildings, business centres, commercial local Lingnan style streets, hotels and more.


Installed inside and out of the sales centre on the Guangzhou Baiyun Kaisa City Plaza, where Kaisa showcase and sell their properties, the LED display solutions from Absen include a large 3D OOH display, a bespoke immersive LED cave, a seamless LED video wall and four LED strips in the lobby inside the building.


Mounted on the exterior of the building, the custom trapezoid-shaped LED wall of 274.89 sqm has become an integral part of the whole building. The product deployed here is Absen’s GS series.


Entering the lobby of the sales centre, visitors will find themselves in a digitalized space featuring a large-format LED video wall and four innovative LED strips on the ceiling above an architectural model of the Plaza.


Measuring 7 m x 4 m, the video wall, created with Absen’s N1.8 Plus, is used to play images and adverts. The four LED strips, Absen’s N4 Plus solution, each measure 1.73 m x 15.8 m, and are mounted on the ceiling above architectural models. They are strategically placed for viewing purposes from all angles.


The LED cave behind the LED video wall is an indoor space where Kaisa plays creative and futuristic content, as well as real-estate advertisements, to visitors. The PL2.9 Lite from Absen met the requirements for this space.


(Photos: Absen)




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