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Corona: ASG creates tribute to heroes with Chauvet

Corona: ASG creates tribute to heroes with Chauvet
Corona: ASG creates tribute to heroes with Chauvet

Sitting serenely atop a hill 1,000 feet above the fertile floor of the Dee Valley, the haunting beauty of Dinas Brân exerts a powerful pull over the hearts of townspeople below. For nine centuries, the medieval castle built by a prince of Powys Fadog, has inspired myths, songs, and love stories that have echoed through the rolling Welsh countryside from generation to generation.


More recently, in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak, the castle, which now stands in ruins, and its adjacent hills, have inspired hope and gratitude in the form of a lighting display created by ASG Entertainments, with the support of the Denbighshire County Council, North Wales Police, Eastwood Media, and Xperience Productions.


On two successive nights in May, the all-volunteer group illuminated the hills and castle in vivid colors as a sign of appreciation for the NHS staff and key essential workers who have labored selflessly to keep the county functioning during this challenging period. Providing the display were 24 Chauvet Professional battery-operated Well Fit fixtures taken from ASG’s inventory.


“With everything going on, we wanted to do something with our business to pay tribute to the NHS and key-workers,” says Scott Cooper, Director of ASG. “We decided to put our equipment to good use. This project was done completely voluntarily and organized by both myself and Chris Eastwood of Eastwood Media.”


“We approached local authorities who gave us permission and support for the project,” continues Cooper. “On the first night we lit the mountainside and the town in a rainbow to support the essential workers. Then on the following night, we lit the castle for the NHS.”


Given the logistics of this project and the lack of available power high up on the hill, the battery-powered Well Fit was the logical choice for the project. “Both of the areas we lit are not accessible by road, which meant we had to carry the 24 fixtures up steep slopes,” says Cooper. He and his team positioned the IP65 rated RGBA fixtures as close as possible to the surfaces they illuminated to get the maximum coverage possible.


(Photos: Scott Cooper)




Corona: ASG creates tribute to heroes with ChauvetCorona: ASG creates tribute to heroes with Chauvet

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