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Robe for Ferrugem DVD shoot

Robe for Ferrugem DVD shoot
Robe for Ferrugem DVD shoot

Brazilian singer-songwriter Samba Ferrugem recorded a live concert DVD in the Jeunesse Arena, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This show was directed by Anselmo Trancoso with lighting designed by director of photography (DOP) Carlinhos “Carlos” Nogueira, utilising 450 Robe moving lights.


This inventory of equipment plus other fixtures and the 500 plus metres of LED screens involved, was co-ordinated and delivered by Sao Paulo based rental company Wolf Produções, headed by Gabriel Pincel and João Freitas. Wolf Produções has supplied technical production to the artist on tour and was asked to co-ordinate the substantial kit needed to light this show. Gabriel Pincel was the project’s technical director.


The Robe quote broke down into 36 x Robe BMFL WashBeams, 94 x Pointes, 60 x MegaPointes, 62 x Spiiders, 56 x Spikies, 72 x LEDBeam 150s and 57 x CycFX 8 tilting LED battens. The BMFL WashBeams were positioned for upstage power looks and blasting through from the back. The MegaPointes were rigged on square trusses above the stage and above a long catwalk protruding into the audience.


The Pointes and LEDBeam 150s were rigged on the front wings of the stage and on a series of LED borders framing the over-stage trusses, while the Spiiders were on audience trusses flown above the arena, illuminating the crowd for wide shots and sweeps across the venue.


The CycFX 8s were also on the square trusses above the runway and stage along with the MegaPointes, with some on the floor below the rear LED screens. The BMFL WashBeams served as the main ‘photo’ and key light fixtures. The CycFX 8s were used to outline the geometry and shapes of the square trusses and other scenery pieces to which they were attached.


The 90 x Pointes were the workhorses of the rig and fundamental to the whole overall design. The LEDBeam 150s added lines and blocks of sharp beams along the long over-stage trusses. A combination of GrandMA3 and GrandMA2 consoles were used to run the lighting and Resolume media server running playback video, with Matheus Feitosa working as Nogueira’s main lighting programmer.


(Photos: Bruno Henrique)




Robe for Ferrugem DVD shootRobe for Ferrugem DVD shoot

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