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Robe fixtures used for Dzem’s anniversary show in Katowice

Robe fixtures used for Dzem’s anniversary show in Katowice
Robe fixtures used for Dzem’s anniversary show in Katowice

Polish blues rock band Dzem celebrated their 40th anniversary with a special show at the Spodek Arena in Katowice. The lighting was designed by Michal Parzych from design collective Green Beam Design (GBD) who has been involved in all Dzem’s special events for around the last ten years, and on this one he again worked in collaboration with the band’s regular LD, Marek Gubala.


Together, they specified 131 x Robe fixtures - 30 x MegaPointes, 56 x Spikies and 45 x LEDBeam 800s, all of which were delivered by Polish rental company Transcolor. Green Beam Design’s founder Jacek Chojczak explains that the starting point for the lighting was a request from Dzem’s management to have a large upstage LED screen, and apart from that, they left Michal Parzych and the GBD team to produce a solution for presenting the band and their special guests for this event. GBD also created the show’s video design and co-ordinated the visuals.


Parzych designed the staging and set, with lighting rigged on a series of overhead and side trusses with some on the floor. Ten MegaPointes were distributed on each of the three main LX trusses 1, 2 and 3. The Spikies were on four upstage side towers and the LEDWash 800s were rigged on the large ‘crown’ circular house trusses in the roof of the Spodek Arena and used primarily for audience illumination. The show was also recorded for DVD/future streaming.


In addition to the Robe products, they utilised approximately 100 other lights of various types, all of which were controlled by a GrandMA2 console, with another one running content from the Disguise media server handling all the video playback. The rear video wall was 15 metres wide by 6 metres high, 3.9 mm HD pitch.


The 40th anniversary playback video content was created by Piotr Maruszak from Red Square, and the Disguise was operated by Karol Nowakowski. There were two IMAG screens showing camera feeds directed by Jerzy Charuzawas and vision mixed by GBD’s Tomasz Szwelicki. Transcolors’s crew chief for the event was Jarek Wasasnik and sound was supplied by Target Sound.


(Photos: Oskar Kutryb CutRB/GDB)




Robe fixtures used for Dzem’s anniversary show in KatowiceRobe fixtures used for Dzem’s anniversary show in Katowice

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