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Chauvet fixtures illuminate Tumba Festival

Chauvet fixtures illuminate Tumba Festival
Chauvet fixtures illuminate Tumba Festival

At this year’s Tumba Festival, a four-night event in Curaçao, Jimmy Lo-A-Njoe and the Massive Productions N.V. team created a dynamic lightshow, using a collection of 98 Chauvet Professional Rogue and Colorado fixtures.


Massive Productions used 32 Rogue R2 Spot fixtures, 16 Rogue R2 Beam units, 14 Rogue R2 Washes and 36 Colorado 1-Tri IP units in its design for the festival. Blending old and new, the stage’s country house prop featured a large LED panel in its center, which was used to display live videos of the tumba singers performing in the contest that was at the heart of the festival.


“We need to maintain a balance during the festival,” says Lo-A-Njoe. “This is a competition with live bands, as well as a TV production, and a concert. So we needed to address all of these elements. The Rogue R2 Spots were our workhorse. While they gave us the looks we wanted on stage, the R2 Beams were used for aerial effects, specials and a lot of eye candy for the live audience as well as for the people watching on television.”


Every song in the competition started with a blackout of the stage. Then for the first four bars, the country house décor was accented with focused light. This was followed by an explosion of light as the entire lighting rig went into full on mode.




Chauvet fixtures illuminate Tumba FestivalChauvet fixtures illuminate Tumba Festival

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