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Manuel Rodrigues selects ChamSys for San Holo tour

Manuel Rodrigues selects ChamSys for San Holo tour

The 13-universe Manuel Rodrigues-designed shows on electronic musician San Holo’s current tour are powered by a ChamSys MagicQ MQ80 desk and video server. “In my designs I always try to go to the essence of the looks I want to create,” says Rodrigues, who works with the tour’s Creative Director Thorwald van den Akker. “I’m very rigorous in applying the ‘less is more’ principle. I try to find the simplest lines and then line up every lighting and video element with each other.


“The CAD drawing I made might look boring to the untrained eye; everything is just in rows of the same fixtures, and all elements are lined up with each other. But when the light and video work in concert, their aesthetics become more apparent because of the clean design of the stage.” His rig on this tour included 73 luminaires and 75 video panels.


The video content is created by Bob Jacobs. “We shoot a lot of the video on old VHS cameras,” Rodrigues explains. “San Holo likes to use a tape delay to give his sound extra layers of depth, and by using video cameras we tried to emulate the same feel. Often, this video content is then pixel mapped and used to drive the LED fixtures.” The ChamSys MQ80 has been instrumental in helping Rodrigues achieve his vision on the global tour.


Rodrigues’ show on the tour is almost entirely synced. “The only thing happening live in this tour is setting FX speed/size and the front light for San,” he says. “I want to have as little front as possible, and therefore I make as small as possible light regions for San to step into - and I only turn them on when needed. The rest of the show is synced using M2Q.


“The bridge between Ableton and ChamSys enables the designer to use MIDI to draw light sequences. This information is then translated into the ChamSys Remote Protocol. San uses Ableton to play back his music, and I put my lighting MIDI sequences in this same Ableton set. This way synchronicity is ensured, and San still has all the creative freedom possible by default from within Ableton.”





Manuel Rodrigues selects ChamSys for San Holo tourManuel Rodrigues selects ChamSys for San Holo tour

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