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Chauvet fixtures chosen for asymmetrical Circa Survive rig

Chauvet fixtures chosen for asymmetrical Circa Survive rig
Chauvet fixtures chosen for asymmetrical Circa Survive rig

On Philadelphia-based progressive rockers Circa Survive’s recent tour (completed in December), their lighting designer Lenny Sasso devised an asymmetrical rig with Chauvet Professional fixtures, supplied by Squeek Lights. “I’ve never designed a true asymmetrical rig before, so it has been an interesting journey,” he says.


Sasso’s asymmetrical design was skewed right. Not only were the majority of fixtures on that side of the stage, they were also positioned at greater heights than their counterparts on the left. Adding to the disparity, the drum riser and three of the five band members were also stage right.


Critical to Sasso’s design was the positioning of the nine Rogue R2 Wash fixtures in his rig. He positioned six of these units stage right in a staircase staggered step down pattern. The three other units were stage left in an offset triangle.


“Positioning the R2s this way, I was able to get some nice weird wash patterns,” explains Sasso. “Then there were a few songs where I used the ring control macros and pointed the R2s straight into the audience for some eye candy effects during mellow parts of songs.”


The four Rogue RH1 Hybrid fixtures in the rig were positioned behind each band member, so they too were skewed right. “I used the RH1s with wide prisms and gobos to create huge starburst style effects behind the guys in the band. My prisms rotated clockwise, and the gobos rotated counterclockwise. When the band really dug in, I would throw in the occasional beam mode.


“Basically, I approached this design with the idea that each band member would have his own personal lightshow happening behind him,” continues Sasso. “At the same time, though, I wanted to have the lights across the entire rig still work together to form one cohesive show. So, for example, if I had a member on stage right ripping a solo and a member on stage left playing something mellow each got the lighting that matched his performance. The show would reflect that, in that stage right would be chaotic and stage left would have chill vibes, but all the coloring and positions flow nicely from side to side.”


The only fixture spread evenly across the stage were the four Rogue R1 FX-B units in the rig. Sasso staggered these fixtures at different heights, so that when tilted inward, they would fold on top of one another to create a wall of light.


Mostly, Sasso used his Rogue R1 FX-B fixtures to scan the audience. “I used a lot of really wide prism effects from the RH1s, along with an assortment of different gobos as well. Plus I had the FX-Bs scan the audience.”


(Photos: Sarah Hess)





Chauvet fixtures chosen for asymmetrical Circa Survive rigChauvet fixtures chosen for asymmetrical Circa Survive rig

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