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XCPH Company calls on Chauvet for Tour Vibration

XCPH Company calls on Chauvet for Tour Vibration
XCPH Company calls on Chauvet for Tour Vibration

This September, Maxime Perrey and the team at XCPH Company lit the Tour Vibration in France’s Central Region. For the past five years, XCPH has been responsible for designing the lighting rig for this five-city back-to-school tour sponsored by Radio Vibration.


This year, in a departure from precedent, Perrey scaled back the role of LED video walls that had dominated his previous designs in favor of a more lighting-oriented rig that featured Chauvet Professional fixtures.


Instead of having large columns of screens, Perrey and his staff arranged the screens in horizontal lines, creating a smaller video impression. “In reality, we have the same number of video panels, but to the eye it looks smaller,” he says. “Our lighting projectors are better distributed in space, and they play a much more prominent role in the design. So, this year, when encoding, I first established light tables and then added video dressing.”


The pan and tilt movements, colors and bright backlighting from the rig’s Maverick and Rogue fixtures accented the performance of stars like Mika, Yannick Noah, Black M, The Avener and more.


“On the five dates, a little more than forty artists paraded on the Vibration stage in a showcase format, 15 to 20 minutes each,” says Perrey. “The musical styles are very varied to satisfy a wide audience. So, the flexibility this rig gave us to create versatile looks was very important.”


“Our stage is 13 m wide and has a clearance of 8 m,” he adds. “In this kind of format artists most often come alone without their musicians, so light is counted on to dress the stage, create different paintings, and immerse the audience in different atmospheres. Light is also essential for the video recording since this event is broadcast live on giant screens on both sides of the stage.”


A collection of ten Maverick Storm 1 Wash and eight MK3 Wash fixtures, along with eight Rogue RH1 Hybrids and a Node Net-X anchored the tour rig. Four of the Maverick Storm 1 Wash fixtures were positioned downstage and were used for audience lighting and aerial effects.


Perrey also positioned four Maverick MK3 Wash and six Maverick Storm 1 Wash fixtures on three counter-stair decks that uniformly covered the entire height of the stage. “We also had eight Rogues RH1 hybrids on the deck, which allowed me to complete the beam aspect of mode B, or make softer pictures with the gobos in spot mode,” he says.


“My lighting assistant Matthieu Christinel, who is also the video director of the tour, solicited the entire Arkaos programming team in Belgium to help us make it possible,” Perrey concludes. “In two days, they released a Beta version, and five days later they released MediaMaster version 5.6 following our request. All of our team, including Matthieu and Lucas Beguel, our light technician, deserve credit for making our new plan work.”



XCPH Company calls on Chauvet for Tour VibrationXCPH Company calls on Chauvet for Tour Vibration

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