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Chirac Design tours France with ChamSys

Chirac Design tours France with ChamSys
Chirac Design tours France with ChamSys

Parodic metal band Ultra Vomit and EDM solo act Sebastian are supported by light and video shows created by Chirac Design and run with ChamSys consoles. “We tend to have intense clients,” says Chirac co-founder and Marilyn Manson LD Nico Riot.


Chirac co-founder Romain Dronne is using a ChamSys MagicQ MQ60 to run shows for Sebastian, while Gregory Dutein is powering Ultra Vomit shows with a MagicQ MQ80 plus an extra wing.


“Sebastian is an EDM light show,” says Dronne. “Our show has to be tight on the rhythm, but with flood lights - and not an army of tight narrow beams. We are doing RGB fast color chasers. Ultra Vomit is more like a theatre comedy rock show that includes standup comedy and light, as well as sound effects, managed via ChamSys Magic HD.”


For Ultra Vomit’s tour, the Chirac team began the design process on a ChamSys MagicQ MQ500, then once the show was programmed switched to a MQ80 plus an extra wing. “Each song Ultra Vomit does is a parody of a musical genre inside the metal sphere,” says Dutein. “On black metal songs we use cold colors, strobes, smoke, and visual elements with black metal fonts.”


Given that Ultra Vomit’s show is very theatrical in nature, it is modified every week. Dutein uses his MQ80 to update his show throughout the tour, while riding on the tour bus.




Chirac Design tours France with ChamSysChirac Design tours France with ChamSys

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