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Astera Titan Tubes illuminate ‘The Voice South Africa’

Astera Titan Tubes illuminate ‘The Voice South Africa’
Astera Titan Tubes illuminate ‘The Voice South Africa’

South African lighting designer Joshua Cutts from Visual Frontier used Astera Titan Tubes - supplied by DWR Distribution, the new exclusive South African Astera distributor - to light various segments of the final of ‘The Voice South Africa 2019’, which was staged at the Mosaïek Teatro in Fairlands, Johannesburg, and broadcast on M-Net Channel 101.


Cutts decided to control the Titan Tubes through his GrandMA lighting console. His initial idea was to use eight of the wireless battery powered fixtures to illuminate the dancers for different songs. Then, he and some other core production team members, including choreographer Michelle Oppenshaw, show director Darren Hayward and TV director Nadia White, decided that they should also hand-hold them - light sabre style - and spin them around singer Craig Lucas (winner of series 2 in 2017), who made a special guest appearance in the 2019 Finale.


At one point the dancers - holding their Titan Tubes - formed a circle around Lucas and raised their Titan Tubes aloft so their luminescence became passing key light for some dramatic moments during that section of the show. For some songs - the finale show featured twelve different contestant songs plus guest appearances - Josh Cutts employed the Tubes for other lighting tasks.


A 12-piece strings section was brought on to accompany the backing band for some songs, and Cutts dotted the Tubes amongst them, some lying horizontally on the floor up-lighting their faces and others rigged vertically on the little stands that come with them. For one of the other numbers, Cutts moved the Titan Tubes to create a picket fence either side of the piano whilst finalists The PJ Twins performed Luther Vandross’s “Impossible Dream” with Timothy Moloi.


Lighting, audio and video equipment was delivered by rental company Multi-Media with the set built by JDM sets (designed by Dewet Meyer), all other aspects of the technical production were coordinated and overseen by production manager Chris de Lancey.


(Photos: Duncan Riley)




Astera Titan Tubes illuminate ‘The Voice South Africa’Astera Titan Tubes illuminate ‘The Voice South Africa’

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