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Børns on tour with Robe MegaPointes

Børns on tour with Robe MegaPointes
Børns on tour with Robe MegaPointes

For American singer/songwriter Børns’ current ‘Blue Madonna’ tour, lighting designer Matthieu Larivee decided to put 15 x Robe MegaPointes at the heart of the lighting design. The founder and artistic director of Lüz Studio in Montreal also designed set and lighting for Børns’ first tour, ‘Dopamine’.


The visual starting point for the ‘Blue Madonna’ design was a dynamic backdrop to provide the basic canvas. Before starting, Larivee scanned all the venues on the itinerary and identified the largest and smallest to give him a scalability ratio. After meeting Børns and his management to receive a brief, he produced the first ideas.


Projection was out due to the size differential of the venues, so Larivee decided on a backdrop with a collage of over 1000 acrylic tropical leaves, handcrafted by theatrical artisans in Montreal. The leaves are applied organically to camp netting with gaps in some places to allow back light through, and they are painted gray so they can catch, reflect and absorb all the different color variants produced by the lighting.


The 15 MegaPointes - being provided by lighting vendor Upstaging - are the only profile fixtures on the rig and are prominent throughout the set. Four are rigged on the downstage truss and used for projection onto the leaves - including a custom gobo designed especially for the tour - with five on the upstage truss for back-lighting and effects, and four on the sides.


The lighting - which includes other fixtures for side and rear illumination and units on the floor beaming onto the backdrop and the artist - is controlled via a GrandMA2 console which was programmed by Matthieu Larivee and Jean-Sebastien Guilmette and operated on the road by lighting director Mason Ford.


(Photos: Steven Carlson)





Børns on tour with Robe MegaPointesBørns on tour with Robe MegaPointes

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