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Painting with Light illuminates Bazyliszek dark ride at Legendia in Katowice

Painting with Light illuminates Bazyliszek dark ride at Legendia in Katowice
Painting with Light illuminates Bazyliszek dark ride at Legendia in Katowice

Painting with Light was commissioned by Alterface to light the new Bazyliszek dark ride which has just opened at the rebranded Legendia theme park in Katowice, Poland. Alterface, Jora Vision and ETF partnered to create this one-off experience in Poland’s oldest family amusement park.


Painting with Light had previously worked with Alterface, also based in Belgium, on the Comics Station project in Antwerp. Luc Peumans led the project for the Genk-based creative lighting and visual design practice. He worked closely with Alterface project manager François Danhaive and their overall ride producer Benjamin Walravens, plus Jora Vision’s art director, Simeon van Tellingen and project manager Robin van der Want.


Legendia’s Bazyliszek ride is situated in the Magical Forest zone of the park, which takes guests back to the times of ancient myths. The 3 minute mixed-media ride features multi-mover vehicles that glide visitors through five different zones with seven distinctive scenes - one of them containing three sub-scenes - and each needing individual lighting.


Peumans specified a lot of UV fixtures to accentuate the extensive UV painting details completed by Jora Vision, and he added to the depth and spatial elements of the scenes with many ellipsoidals and profiles. Around 80 Chauvet mini ERS-style Ovation Min-E-10CW and WW ellipsoidal spot fixtures were utilised. These are dotted throughout the ride, rigged on various bracketry. Over 300 Gantom Precision Z spots and floods are scattered around. Three versions are used: blacklight (UV), warm white and RGB.


For the most important black light scenes, Peumans chose Anolis Divine 60 UVs. Positioned in between the Divines - to ensure uniform levels of UV - are several Gantom UVs to highlight all the relevant details. For extra black lighting effects combined with standard lighting in some of the spaces, Chauvet Colordash Par-Hex 7s were selected.


Luc Peumans also added a plethora of wall-mounted set practicals throughout the ride, together with some flame torch and other lighting special effects. Multiple gobo break-up looks are deployed in all scenes. All the lighting is programmed into a Pharos LPC 1 controller which is fed a variety of signals from parts of the ride to trigger specific lighting effects.


Peumans and his team created a VR model of the ride so he could realistically see how each section appeared. The VR model gave him real depth and dimensions to work with, as well as a toolbox of lighting instruments to construct mock-ups in the 3D model. Painting with Light also produced a cable management plan which could be interpreted and followed by the local installers at Legendia.


The actual installation on site was led by Painting with Light’s Dieter Venderickx and finished in about three weeks. The basic lighting programming was completed by Steve de Busschere in four days, followed by another three days of tweaking and fine-tuning, working with all other departments involved in the ride. Painting with Light’s project manager was Wouter Verhulst.


(Photos: Legendia)



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