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Another busy panto season for HSL

Another busy panto season for HSL
Another busy panto season for HSL

Lighting and visuals rental specialist HSL supplied lighting equipment to 32 Qdos pantomime productions all over the UK for their 2018-19 season, together with a full rigging - truss and motors package - plus Kinesys automation for "Cinderella" at Glasgow’s SEC.


This year HSL worked with 17 different LDs and liaised with 25 production LXs who made it happen on the various sites which included all the regional capitals - Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh and London. HSL’s 2018 panto team was led by Jordan Hanson, assisted by Emma Turner, and included account handlers Sean McGlone and Mark Shakeshaft.


Glasgow is typically the largest show in terms of production and venue size and this year lighting was designed by Tim Oliver. Other key ones were "Snow White" at the London Palladium, "Peter Pan" in Birmingham and "Goldilocks" in Newcastle, all lit by Ben Cracknell, together with Edinburgh’s "Beauty & The Beast" and "Aladdin" in Bradford with lighting designed by Matt Clutterham.  Cracknell also lit the show in Darlington while Clutterham lit four others.


Emma Turner co-ordinated the custom gobos, which this year included over 3,200 gobos for several different types of moving lights. At HSL they were fitted into all the moving lights and addressed; a task which took around six weeks. At the end of the season, they returned to the warehouse with their original gobo sets.


Other stats for the 2018-19 season include the supply of 2,500 intelligent lighting fixtures - a mix of moving lights, LED and 'pixel' sources. The number of generics approached 1000 - profiles, fresnels, PARs and blinders, and to feed power and data to all of these there was over 100 miles of cable - multicore, power and data. Around 1500 boom arms were supplied for rigging various lights.


HSL also supplied lighting control and follow spots to some venues where these were not available in house. This and a variety of associated kit including power distros customised for each production all left Blackburn in between the 16th November and 13th December.


There was a two-week period within that timeframe when 29 trucks were loaded and dispatched, including three trucks for Glasgow. Some trucks shared loads and the task was optimised at 4 trucks a day. For tipping, the warehouse handled up to 7 trucks a day, with the last one returning on 28th January 2019. Just prior to loading, 16 of the 17 production LX’s came to Blackburn to engage in and oversee their relevant preps.


(Photos: Louise Stickland)





Another busy panto season for HSLAnother busy panto season for HSL

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